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Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur (COHSEM)
Students' Online Enrollment System 2.1


User guide for submission of Enrolment Data

  • Download blank database by clicking on the link “Download Blank database”.

  • Downloaded file is in .zip format. Decompress it to get an .mde file. (Use any compression/decompression tool like winrar, winzip, gzip, pkzip etc.)

  • Open the .mde file with MS-Access.

  • In MS-Access, go to Forms and open MainForm. Two button groups “Data Entry” and “Reports” will be visible. Use the Data Entry group for entering enrolment data and Reports group to take printouts.

  • Please ensure file size of photographs to be around 50 kilobytes. Photo sizes greater than 60 kilobytes will not be accepted. Photo file format should be only either .jpg or .jpeg.

  • Once data entry is complete, exit MS-Access. Compress the .mde file into a .zip using any compression tool.

  • Login into portal again and click Upload data. Select the .zip file created in (5) and upload.

  • Once upload is over, enrolment number of the students will be automatically generated and assigned.

  • Download the Broadsheet by clicking "Download/Resubmit Enrolment" link.

  • Upload of enrolment data can be done in multiple batches. For each batch, start from a blank MDE file – do not append data to apreviouslyuploaded batch database.

  • To make corrections or deletions to an already uploaded file, go to "Download/Resubmit Enrolment" link

    a) On the row corresponding to the Batch Serial No, click “Download Data” to download a .zip file containing data that was uploaded for that batch.

    b) Decompress the downloaded file to get an .MDE file.

    c) Open this MDE file and use the forms to make corrections/deletions. Do not edit the tables directly.

    d) Once the changes are made, compress the file again into a .zip file.

    e) To upload the edited file, go to "Download/Resubmit Enrolment". Click on “Resubmit data” on the row corresponding to the Batch. Choose the .zip file created in 10(c) and submit.

    f) View Broadsheet to verify the changes.

  • Please ensure that the same set of students is not uploaded more than once.