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Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur (COHSEM)
Students' Online Enrollment System 2.1

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Why I cannot login after registration?

Please contact Web Administrator to activate your account unless you would not be able to log in.

I cannot login, my account is locked

You have used wrong password multiple times to login. After 24 hours your account will be open again.

How to update phone number and email?

Please go to My Account tab and it will redirect to your account page. You can update your phone number and email from there.

I cannot login because I forgot my username

There is no way to recover a username.

I cannot login because I forgot my password

You can create a new password by using the One Time Password through your registered email on forgot password link at the login page.

I cannot reset my password, OTP is sent but not received

Please make sure you are using the same email that is registered with us and you are online.

There is no student listing on my Registered Student List of Class XI

You have not registered any students or not upload XI enrollment file (Offline data entry application) yet for the current year.

Cannot register student due to duplicate found

You cannot register a same student more than once. Please ensure you have correctly type the Classs X Board name, Class X Roll Number and Passing Year. If you sure about the information then contact COHSEM.

How to delete a student/ How to delete enrollment of a student?

You cannot delete a student once he/ she is registered except enrollment year is current year, but you can cancel the enrollment of the particular student. So that the student can register again. To cancel an enrollment for a particular student please contact COHSEM for more information.

Where and how can I edit or update a student information

Please go the Online Enrollment link for Class XI and go to Registerd Student tab, from there search the particular student and click on the name. It will redirect to the student detail page, you can edit or update the information from the page.

There is no student listing on my Class XII Eligible Student List

The Council of Higher Seecondary Education, Manipur (COHSEM) will upload the eligible students. Until then there will be no students in the eligible list.

I cannot submit students for XII Enrollment

Please check the particular student have photo or not. Student without photo would not be able to submit. For non regular students (Casual/ Improvement Candidate/ Overall Improvement/ Subject Improvement) please select the exam type and subject.

How to know a student is enrolled for XII Exam

A student is enrolled for XII Exam if he/ she is in the list of Submitted Students in the Fee Payment tab.

How to know fee of a student is paid or not

In the Fee Payment tab (for both XI Class and XII Class), there will be a green tick and red cross, green tick will be shown if fee is paid else red cross will be shown.

How to know fee rates

Please click here to view all the fee details.